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Size and Affiliation Matters

Small businesses play a vital role in federal contracting. From set-aside contracts, to socioeconomic program eligibility, to working as key subcontractors, opportunities abound for small businesses. 


Knowing whether your business can avail itself of these benefits depends on whether it qualifies as a small business. Unfortunately, business size isn’t always easily calculated. This is especially true if a business has an affiliate, which can turn an otherwise-small business large. 

Schoonover & Moriarty counsels clients on all matter of business size issues, including: 

  • Helping clients understand their business size, including their risk of affiliation;  

  • Developing strategies to keep a business small;  

  • Representing clients in size protests and appeals (either as a protester or in responding to allegations); and 

  • Assisting with small business recertifications. 

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