Complying with the Vaccine Mandate
from a govcon and employment law perspective
Featuring Matt Moriarty and Dylan Long of Littler Mendelson PC
Recorded on October 12, 2021

At Schoonover & Moriarty we've noticed that the vaccine mandate brings up a number of compliance questions that have more to do with employment law than government contracts. We are proud, therefore, to offer a collaborative webinar with one of the top employment law firms in the country. Please join Matthew Moriarty and Dylan Long of Littler Mendelson for a free discussion about the responsibilities the mandate entails for employers and workers.

2021: A Buy American Odyssey
Featuring Matt Moriarty and John Mattox
Recorded on August 18, 2021

Now more than ever the Federal government is determined to stimulate manufacturing in America by buying products from or manufactured in the United States. But what does that mean in a global market? Join attorneys Matthew Moriarty and John Mattox for a discussion on The Buy American Act, the Trade Agreements Act, and more.

Rolling with the Changes 
Featuring Matt Schoonover and Ian Patterson
Recorded on June 9,2021

Laying the Ground Rules
Featuring Matt Moriarty and John Mattox.
Recorded on April 14,2021

Sometimes, a business’s competitiveness under a federal government solicitation can be determined even before bids are submitted. The solicitation’s ground rules—things like the NAICS code selection, socioeconomic designation, and solicitation terms—can dramatically affect whether an offeror stands a chance at receiving the award. 

Knowing how to shape the ground rules can help your business gain a competitive advantage. In this webinar, Matthew Moriarty and John Mattox discuss important considerations before you submit a bid. 

Strength In Numbers
Featuring Matt Moriarty and Ian Patterson.
Recorded on February,24 2021

It’s getting harder and harder to win federal contracts. So, in the age of increased competition, how might your business gain an advantage? 

In this webinar, Matthew Moriarty and Ian Patterson discuss an important tool to improve your competitive standing: small business joint ventures. Join them to learn the basics about joint ventures, including how to create joint ventures that comply with SBA’s regulations—and increase competitiveness. 

New Year, New Rules
Featuring Matt Schoonover, Matt Moriarty, John Mattox, and Ian Patterson.
Recorded on January 13,2021

Federal government contractors face an ever-changing landscape of rules and regulations they must follow. It’s enough to drive small businesses crazy (and to keep their lawyers in business). 

In this webinar, Schoonover & Moriarty’s attorneys discuss some of the most impactful rule changes we saw in 2020. Topics include updates to the SBA’s mentor/protégé and joint venture programs, the 8(a) regulations, and potential changes under the Biden Administration.