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Joint Venture Agreements and Compliance

With a joint venture, small businesses can join forces with other firms to compete for federal government contracts, including those set aside for small business, 8(a) firms, HUBZone firms, SDVOSBs, and WOSBs/EDWOSBs. Small businesses can unite with other small businesses, or they can partner with their SBA-approved mentor under the SBA’s Mentor-Protégé Program. In all cases, a joint venture must have a written agreement. And in most cases, the agreement must contain specific provisions; otherwise, the joint venture can be judged ineligible. Given the stakes, ensuring compliance with the applicable joint venture regulations is indispensable. 

We frequently help clients draft and review joint venture agreements. Each time, we verify that the agreement contains the required provisions and other important terms.  

Beyond the agreement, we advise clients about all aspects of joint venture compliance, such as workshare requirements. We also counsel clients about issues, like affiliation, that could jeopardize a joint venture’s eligibility. We are a one-stop shop for small business joint ventures. 

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