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Claim Appeals

Though there is a robust system for resolving a dispute between the government and the contractor (click here to read more), sometimes the decision doesn’t go the contractor’s way and they feel hard done by. When that happens, the contractors are not out of luck, they can appeal. If a contractor submitted a claim that was denied by the contractor officer, the next option is to appeal the decision. Appeals of claims may be filed in one of three possible venues: 


Regardless of venue, the process of appealing a claim is often complex. Appeals are like mini trials in that they require a traditional discovery process,  briefing of arguments, and a hearing before the judge may also be required. 

Thus claim appeals are an involved process that can benefit greatly from professional legal help. We have experience working through discovery, briefing issues, and developing winning arguments. Best of all, we can be a guide through the complicated world of claim appeals. 

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