Bid Protests and Interventions

The bid protest system allows contractors to challenge procurement decisions that they believe are unreasonable. It allows them to challenge everything from the ground rules of the competition to the ultimate award decision. The venues for these challenges include the agency itself, the Government Accountability Office, and the United States Court of Federal Claims.  

Only the Court of Federal Claims requires you to be represented by an attorney in a bid protest action. But regardless of where a contractor elects to bring a bid protest, each venue has strict timeliness, jurisdiction, and often form rules that protesters must follow. It never hurts to have advice as to what arguments tend to work and what arguments are a waste of time and money.  

We provide assistance and representation to both potential protesters and intervenors (those parties who have a vested interest in a filed protest—usually the awardee). Our services include evaluating and developing potential protest grounds, preparing bid protest documents, guiding protesters and intervenors through the process, reviewing protected materials and ensuring confidential and proprietary information remains so, determining next steps following a bid protest, and more.