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8(a) Program

The crown jewel of federal contracting programs is the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development program. It is open to any business owned by socially- and economically- disadvantaged individuals. With the federal government’s goal to award 5 percent of all federal contracts to 8(a) businesses, the program provides entry to a lucrative and exclusive federal marketplace. The trick, of course, is getting in. Businesses have to apply for admission to the program and the process can be quite rigorous. That’s where we can help.  

We provide 8(a) businesses and potential 8(a) businesses with assistance and representation before and after application to the program. Before and during the certification process, we can provide assistance such as:  

  • Helping applicants determine eligibility with regard to both social and economic disadvantage 

  • Preparing narratives of social disadvantage  

  • Reviewing and preparing required documentation 

  • Assistance in responding to requests for additional information, explanation, or documentation 

Preparing a narrative of social disadvantage is a particular strength of ours. We understand what the SBA is looking for when it comes to social disadvantage and how to craft a compelling narrative that anticipates pushback. 

After an 8(a) applicant is admitted, we can continue to help in various ways:  

  • Ensure compliance with 8(a) rules and regulations 

  • Assist with reporting and evaluations 

  • Represent the 8(a) company in eligibility reviews 

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